Taxation Services

Taxation Services

Taxation is one of the significant ways the government collect revenue. It taxes individuals and business to raise funds for development.

The tax implication is on every individual; you pay taxes directly and indirectly as you go about in your daily routines. When you buy goods, you pay for VAT, on your salary you pay PAYE, on transferring a property you pay Stamp duty.

Tax is, therefore, something that we can’t run away from. We offer tax services to both individuals and business.

Contact us for all your taxation needs;

  1. Tax Filing Services
  2. KRA Pin Registration and Amendments
  3. PAYE Tax Filing
  4. VAT Filing
  5. Rental Income Taxation
  6. Tax Compliance Certificate Application
  7. Tax Planning
  8. Corporate Tax
  9. Presumptive Taxes
  10. Tax Planning
  11. Withholding Taxes
  12. Tax Payments

Need tax consultation services? We can handle that for you. Our staff are experts and authorised KRA tax agents; you will, therefore, get a professional service

Beat the Deadline

Avoid last minute penalties. We can file your tax returns, talk to us today before its too late.